Creating Stunning & Unique Wedding Venues

Every girl dreams about their dream wedding from when they see their very first Disney movie. The majesty and magic of Prince Charming coming down the aisle, the princess having the happiest day of her life – there’s nothing quite like it. When they become a teenager, it starts to take a deeper form. The dreams start to take shape and, with the emergence of Pinterest, it starts to become a very real reality.


While there may not be any pumpkin carriages or glass slippers, the chance to have a magical wedding is still very possible. Finding a unique wedding venue helps to turn these dreams into reality, with a chance to create a wedding that is truly your own. A chance to have your wedding customized to your liking, adorned with decorations that showcase who you are and why this is special.


Unique wedding venues, while in no shortage, can be tricky to find. Not because there’s not any surrounding you, but because choosing the perfect one takes time. Your wedding venue should be reflective of who you are as a couple – a destination that exudes sentimentality and uniqueness individual to you and yours. You should be looking at what makes the venue special and displaying that with your decorations, invitations, theme, and everything else that you’re using to display your love.


When choosing your venue, remember that it should not only be important, but also functional. There are a lot of wedding ideas that you may want to implement that may only be usable inside, when your dream venue may be outside. This ultimately will come down to your theme, but remembering these adornments when you’re choosing the venue might make the process a bit easier.


There are a lot of wedding websites out there that can help to give you some inspiration when looking for wedding venues. Sometimes you have your mind set on exactly what you think you want, but seeing some extra options might give you a new outlook on what to consider. A big point of contention for a lot of future brides is question of indoor versus outdoor wedding and, from there, what the appropriate timing for the wedding is. Choosing a wedding date will greatly depend on the time of year as well as the factors surrounding it. Having a winter wonderland wedding in the middle of December might not necessarily be possible, especially with the reduced amounts of snow that some places receive in December now versus 10 years ago. It’s quite possible that sentimentality can inhibit rationality when you’re planning your wedding, so try to keep a clear heard about it.


Destination weddings always prove to be a unique wedding experience, especially with the amount of customization that goes into them now. While destination weddings are growing in popularity, they have to be done right to make sure they don’t get out of hand. Planning a wedding without being able to check in on the progress can put a lot of stress on future brides, and leave you with little time to double-check everything before the big day. That shouldn’t dissuade you too much, however, if this is what you truly want. There will always be dissuasions with any method of wedding planning, but it’s more likely that everything will turn out correctly than run awry.


The best wedding venues are going to be the ones that you are most passionate about. When it comes to picking your venue, don’t try to focus on small details, keep your eyes on the bigger picture and remember why your venue is special to you. Enjoy the majesty that drew you to the venue in the first place and not the extra details that you’re putting into it. Getting carried away with wedding planning is incredibly easy and can often leave you in a position of feeling overwhelmed. When you can confidently plan your wedding around a few well thought out concepts, you’re more likely to have a memorable wedding that you’ll be able to share with you loved ones.

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